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Glasses : avant-garde, classic or with colorful frames - check online and in the store in Wrocław. You can choose from oversize glasses, classic round frames, iconic square or trapezoidal shapes. Are you wondering where is the best place to buy sunglasses , when should you wear glasses , how to protect your eyesight, what are the categories of eyeglass tinting and how to choose glasses online? Take a look at the descriptions in this tab, read articles on the blog or come to our glasses store in Wrocław . We will help you choose the right glasses for square, oval and long faces. Why should we wear sunglasses? To protect our eyes against harmful UV radiation - for everyday wearing of glasses in summer and winter, it is best to choose a filter with darkening category 3. This category is also suitable when you need to choose glasses for babies, children and teenagers. -> IZIPIZI glasses for the whole family. See our collection of French IZIPIZI glasses - you will find colorful and classic frames for babies, children, teenagers and adults. The brand takes great care to ensure that the styles of glasses are universal and fit every face shape. If you want to buy glasses online, it is best to rely on the descriptions and sizes of the glasses. You can choose from oversize glasses, classic round frames, iconic square or trapezoidal shapes. The frames are also impressive: see pastel pink, purple, green, blue glasses or choose from various shades of tortoise patterns. Also take care of your eyesight and the comfort of working at the computer with glasses with a blue light filter. Such glasses capture over 40% of the light emitted by TV screens, monitors and smartphone screens. They protect your eyesight during long hours of working at a laptop and in the evening - while watching streaming movies or browsing social media in bed before going to sleep. -> KOMONO: fashionable, boutique glasses that will emphasize your unique style. Get to know the Belgian brand KOMONO, which designs glasses with iconic and avant-garde shapes. If you like to emphasize your style and mood by choosing the right glasses for styling - you will certainly find many beautiful frames that will help you with this. You can order and try on the most current KOMONO designs and classics online or in our good good concept store in Wrocław. KOMONO likes fashion, which is why it often cooperates with various representatives of the fashion industry. This is how collaborative glasses are created, unique series signed with the names of various artists. KOMONO also offers sunglasses for teenagers, in various colors and fashionable styles. KOMONO glasses have a protective filter against harmful UV radiation, and part of the collection is made using recycled materials.