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Maar is a young jewelry brand created by a pair of Polish creators: designer Agata and her life partner Antoni. Agata is an artistic soul whose fanciful visions are hand-cast by Antek, turning them into small works of art. The designs of gold and silver rings, necklaces, earrings and earrings delight with their innovative and original design, which is difficult to copy or compare to another brand existing on the market. Each product is a story about the depths of the sea: about natural stones held by underwater tentacles (Maar Miranda Ring), about a shiny gem that falls into the water and is surrounded by thousands of small bubbles (Maar Gali Ring), and finally about feminine delicacy and strength, about which Maar Sygnet Stokrotka talks. Maar jewelry are small sculptural elements that look phenomenal. The main motifs of Maar jewelry are water, sea creatures, plants and nature, and the brand logo refers to a sea wave. The jewelry is made in Warsaw's Praga district from scratch and has a very original, fashionable style. It can be worn with everyday, casual clothes and with elegant styles for official occasions.