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Enamel Copenhagen

Jewelry from Copenhagen, which we value for its femininity, color and delicacy. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets create a coherent collection that looks nice worn separately or in sets. The owner and main designer of Enamel fulfilled her dream of running a jewelry brand - she learned everything herself and from scratch, and she looked for inspiration for materials for her brand while traveling around the world. Her designs are graphic, colorful and feminine, using various forms and shapes, emphasizing the beauty of women. Marie Rantzau believes that color always brings joy and happiness, which is why colors constitute the DNA of this Danish brand. Enamel jewelry is a combination of gold, silver, pearls and colorful beads. The brand knows how to play with colors and skillfully build capsule collections. Small colorful beads look charming, but also designer, and most Enamel products are an alternative, more interesting version of well-known jewelry classics. In the collection you will find earrings of various sizes that fit very well into different ear holes - with Enamel you can create your own, original sets, because all earrings visually match each other.